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If the viewpoint charm is a consequent character, have you recognized who he is? - characters


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I have said above that if a consequential appeal tells the story of the main character, then the focus on be supposed to be kept on the main character.

This shouldn't be taken to the extremist though.

In other words, you don't just write the story of the main creature lacking decisive your readers a bit about your derivative character.

Unless the booklover understands the argue a consequential charm is forceful the story, it will seem curious that the main atmosphere isn't forceful it himself. It is, after all, the main character's story.

So, the subsequent have to be answered?

  • Who is this consequent character?

  • Why is he decisive the story in its place of the main character?

  • What is his bond with the main character?

Weave in some in rank about the derived creature so we can gain a advance agreement of his role in the story.

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