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How to build incredible lettering certainly - copy


Creating incredible typeset can be easy if you know of a few clean rules:

  • Each atmosphere must have his own voice. If your charm is from Brooklyn, give him brooklyn accent and mannerisms.

  • Before you write, choose on his or her backdrop and outline it thoroughly. If she is believed to be from a high profile Georgia family, know what her parents do for a living. Is she frustrating to live up to their values or does she move to California in rebellion? Why?

  • Know your character's motivations. If he is a seriel killer, what about his upbringing or his mind fashioned him into the pathological criminal that he is.

    The example is know your characters. Know what makes them tick. Know what drives them wild and what drives them crazy. Know them as well as you know physically or else your interview never will.

    By creating a thorough outline on each typescript already you begin writing, the decisions are made for you. You will know your font well an adequate amount of to know what they would and wouldn't say and how they would say it. More importantly, your readers will accept as true in them and in you.

    About The Author

    Caterina Christakos is the creator of How to Write a Children's Book in 30 Days or Less. For more characters tips go to:

    http://www. howtowriteachildrensbook. com

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