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Chances are, you'll be busy over the next numerous weeks. Concerning preparing for, celebrating, and unwinding from the holidays it may be difficult to be adamant your consistent inscription routine. And if researching potential homes for your work is part of that routine-as it is for many of us who frequently give in stories, essays, poems, articles, and reviews for publication-you may be anxious about declining behind.

But it's time to put those qualms to rest. In truth, there are many ways to keep up with your market-hunting over the holidays. Here are just four possibilities:

1) When you visit links and family, pay particular attention to the magazines they may have on their brunette tables or stacked in their recycling bins. Odds are they may subscribe to some that you don't receive. Who knows how many new markets you may discover? (Just be sure to ask for permission beforehand you start rummaging!)

2) Be bold with your gift list. If a big cheese close to you ought to ask what you might like for the holidays, go ahead and say it. Go ahead and tell that person: "I'd like you to bring me/send me all the magazines you've received for the past six months-and haven't yet fearful out. " That person won't need to shop, and you will be able to spend the rest of the winter researching markets.

3) If you'll be traveling, take benefit of any admiring publications that may come your way: inflight magazines, cock-crow newspapers at hotels, and so on. Again, these may give you check out issues for markets that you haven't well thought-out before.

4) If you're visiting anybody out-of-town, stop by the local library, and check out the magazines the documentation keeps stocked. It's quite expected that you'll come across some-especially regional publications-that you won't be able to delve into as by a long way back home.

Can you think of other possibilities? Add them to the list! Happy holidays, and happy market-hunting.

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