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Every answer is an asset - inscription


Not long ago, I went to an Internet Marketing Seminar. One of the speakers was John Reese, a man who set the Internet world abuzz in Imposing 2004 by achieving the amazing consequence of just over a million dollars worth of sales in 18 hours. The product, Travel Secrets, was all about dynamic passage to web sites in order to befit known and at the end of the day make a profit.

So what is the customary link connecting inscription and internet marketing?

It's basically this: the tune that John Reese lives by -- "Every answer is an asset".

You may be idea that it's very easy for a big cheese who made a million bucks in less than a day to say amazing like that. Undoubtedly, such domino effect are an asset to him! But when you learn more about John Reese, you determine that he spent years decision out what worked and what didn't work. Already he made that million dollars, he happening 'in the hole' - one hundred thousand dollars in debt. Nonentity he did seemed to work.

John didn't give up. Bit by bit, he added to his store of comprehension and built his business. He treated every conclusion as an asset: a different fragment to add to his developing data bank - whether the news was good or bad. If a bit didn't work, he knew not to try that again. If a touch worked well, he adopted that approach as part of his arsenal. He tracked results, tweaked and tried again, made mistakes and had successes. Then, a HUGE achievement - a million dollars in a day.

"Every consequence is an asset. "

Think about that for a moment. Dream what it means to your daily life. It has implications far exterior Internet Marketing - and far exterior writing. It's first cousin to the adage "Everything happens for a reason". It's all about knowledge what works for you in life. All makes mistakes. Each experiences rejection. Each one encounters roadblocks.

You can elect whether to give up when the consequences fall short of your expectations. . . or you can treat every conclusion as a costly piece of information.

Your story or clause is rejected

After you swear and slam a few doors and maybe burst into tears, calm down and think about how this answer can be an asset. What have you learned?

  • Did you affect the wrong market?

  • Did you agree to a story that is the wrong length?

  • Does your story need auxiliary polishing?

  • Do the font need work?

  • Do you need to acquaintance (or start) a copy group to help you work out what you might be doing wrong?

  • Do you need advice from a account service?
If you're lucky, the editor will give you some advice to be a symptom of where you might be going wrong. If not, you'll have to try to work it out physically - and you might need help to do that.

There are other clothes that rejection can teach you, too - like how much you want to keep writing. Is your appeal to write bright an adequate amount of to endure rejection? Are you enthusiastic to put in the time crucial to clean your craft and marketplace your work? Do you have the buoyancy to bounce back after rejection - or would you be happier with a new hobby or job?

Belinda Alexander's Story

Belinda Alexander was devastated when she sent her 'chick lit' story to agent Selwa Anthony and got a firm 'no'. After all, chick lit was promotion well. Belinda attention she could write it OK.

Her agent didn't agree. She told Belinda to go away and amount out what it was that she actually must be writing. So Belinda did.

The conclusion was "White Gardenia" - a sweeping saga of a protect and daughter torn apart by war and at length reunited more than two decades later, after payments years incisive for (and just missing) each other. Belinda's inspiration was her category - tales of wartime hardship and the quandary of refugees.

This time, Selwa Anthony gave a booming 'yes'. The novel met with crucial approbation and was a best-seller - and Belinda has found her true voice. For her, the evidently destructive consequence of an first rejection was a huge asset - it set her on the right path.

As a writer, you are going to meet with rejection - from editors, agents and every now and then from critics who pen destructive reviews. You are going to say effects you wish you hadn't said. You are going to hear belongings you don't like from those gift critiques. You are going to get a 'no' when you send in samples of your copy in order to confident a grant or a writer's residency.

At those times, remember: EVERY Consequence IS AN ASSET. What have you academic about yourself, your writing, your approach? Use what you learn to do a beat job of crafting your work, judgment new markets or deciding on a advance direction. Use every bit of awareness to move manually auxiliary along the path to the consequences that you actually want!

(c) Marg McAlister

Marg McAlister has available magazine articles, short stories, books for children, ezines, promotional material, sales correspondence and web content. She has in print 5 detachment edification courses on writing, and her online help for writers is all the rage all over the world. Sign up for her common writers' tipsheet at http://www. writing4success. com/

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