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New Year Resolutions for Writers - The Best Kind to Make and How to Keep Them

On the first day of a clear and shiny new year, stretching out ahead of us full of possibilities, it's so easy to feel a sense of determination. ("This year I'm DOING it! I'm going to write a book / lose credence / take more time for myself.

The Power of Punctuation

Punctuation, when used creatively, is powerful. Note, however, that when I say 'when used creatively', I don't mean that you can make up the rules.

Writing the KAIZEN Way

Over the past eight years or so, I have tutored thousands of inscription students. They come in all flavours: retirees who at last have time to comply with a dream; young mothers who want a job they can do at home; bored employees who feel their inspiration is being hushed by their free careers.

Who Said That? Creation Dialogue Precious stone Clear

Recently, I was hunting for a book that would austerely entertain me. I didn't want to have to deliberate about 'who dun it'.

Vary Your Journalism Style and Win Readers

First drafts are for receiving down the ideas. Anna Jacobs calls the first draft the 'dirty draft'.

How Long is a Chapter?

How long be supposed to your chapters be?I can't resist..

Permission NOT To Write

Quite a few years ago, I enrolled in a Gradation in Criminal Justice. My main analyze for doing so was my appeal in comprehension and journalism crime and mystery fiction.

Make Your Readers Cry

You know, I especially hate it when a celebrity catches me crying over a book.I on the sly dab at the corners of my eyes with a finger.

Frequently Asked Questions from Writers

1. What Is A Premise?A premise is the point you have to prove in your novel.

The Cost of Being a Writer

You are the only one who knows what being a author means to you.You are the only one who knows whether you bear in mind it to be a career, or a amusing hobby.

6 Ways to Jump-Start Your Journalism Day


A Writers Tools

If you are like most writers, you're constantly probing for tips on modus operandi that will help you to augment your odds of publication. You eagerly attack suddenly on articles that tell you how to plot better, write develop and sell better.

Every Conclusion is an Asset

Not long ago, I went to an Internet Marketing Seminar. One of the speakers was John Reese, a man who set the Internet world abuzz in Grand 2004 by achieving the amazing conclusion of just over a million dollars worth of sales in 18 hours.

3 Quick Tips on Plotting Your Book

Plotting a book can seem an overwhelming task when you're just first out, but it does get easier when you appreciate a number of plotting strategies.Here are 3 quick tips that could be all you need to get you started: One: You'll find it beneficial to analyse available books.

8 Quick Tips on Creating Vivid, Memorable Characters

These 8 tips on using typeset in your stories will help you make sure that readers are complicated with your story colonize right from the start.Tip 1: Make sure that the bookworm knows as early as doable who the viewpoint creature is in any scene.

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