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Freelance Writing: A Career From Anywhere

An island in the Mediterranean. A beach in Africa.

A Quick Guide to ISBNs for Self-Publishers

ISBN stands for Global Accepted Book Number. It is a code assigned to every in print book that uniquely identifies it in the marketplace.

Imagine The Imagination

Imagine a three hundred page book was in the author's mind ahead of it was poured out onto the pages of the book.Imagine all those words are words we all know and use but one character takes those words and arranges them in a a number of way in the mind; the character fuses these words to form a story.

Gut Check: Quitting Your Full-time Job for Your Casual Career

It's 6:00 p.m.

Writing For Free: When & When Not to Do It!

Right off the bat, I want to say that there is no right or wrong fulfil to this topic. A lot depends on your end goal - to get a job, collect publicity, build a portfolio, etc.

Why Every Service provider Be supposed to Have A Web Site

"Do I send samples, a media kit, or just the query, postcard and/or sales letter?" As a freelancer, when you are frustrating to reach new clients or stay in touch with old ones, how to accost the associate can be a sticky, confusing, discombobulating journey. Having a web site can solve all of these situations.

How to Build A Achievement Self-employed Career (Part 2)

Part 1 of this commentary discussed the come into contact with you need to lucratively build a casual career. Here, I will outline other necessities.

A Run of Articles on Autobiography

ESSAYS ON AUTOBIOGRAPHY: Add up to 1Preamble:Nearly seven years ago I wrote my first essay on the character of autobiography. It was some two years after implementation my opening draft, the first copy of my own autobiography.

2nd Chapter on Autobiography

ESSAY 2Andre Malraux once said that what concerned him in any character was "the human condition." Malraux was concerned not so much in people's personality but, rather, in their "particular affiliation with the world.

Autobiography: Part No.3

ESSAY 3Writing an autobiography involves a matching up of a definite plot-structure with a set of chronological events. The autobiographer desires to endow these measures with a exact meaning.


EditingExpect, allow, and acknowledge that every first draft will be a symbol of your buck average and have at it.A first draft is just that, a draft with its lack of organization, lack of convincing thought, poor syntax, grammatical errors, typos and spelling slip-ups, and other inaccuracies.

Using Metaphor Effectively

We've all heard a politician on their soapbox, close to for some guidelines alteration or cleaning up after a scandal. Some will cut out a sharp point, while others leave the interview in bewilderment.

The Myths of Writing: Have You Bought Into These?

There is an image most ancestors carry of the artiste (think Van Gough's self-portrait, the one with his ear bandaged), operational in privacy in a deserted loft in a dark area of the city. Everyday is a struggle.

Mexican Living: Lets Be Completely Clear

Readers often send me appealing and exciting e-mails about the op-ed pieces I write and administer to publish. As a writer, I get all sorts.

Mexican Living: Pasatiempo

It occurred to me one day that I considered necessary a bit to do with my time when I wasn't writing. You know--something to divert for my part so more inscription ideas could come to mind.

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