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How to Relax Your Writing

Q. My copy sounds stiff and stilted.

Think Market!

Griselda spent hours polishing up her resume. No assign was too small: type face, describe and spacing.

Five Tips to Find More Time for Your Copy Life

When I asked new ezine subscribers, "What is your Amount One inscription question?" the counter came back loud and clear: "Time!"How do I find time to write? I'm busy all day -- and when I make some time, the phone rings or a big cheese needs to see me right away.Here's how a instruction assembly -- or cycle of sessions -- might attend to these questions.

Grow Your Ideas Exclusive of Charter Words Grow Like Weeds

Q: How do I enlarge on an idea devoid of in receipt of too wordy?A. Beforehand you begin plus words, focus on land the reader's interest.

Becoming A Flourishing Author: The Price!

So you want to be a flourishing author? You want to be up there with Brown, Archer, King, but what price are you all set to pay? You might be lucky and your first book could be an overnight achievement but the likelihood are you'll be hacking it for years beforehand achievement knocks.If you categorical to be converted into a lawyer, an accountant, a bricklayer, or even to start an 'ordinary' affair then you would be geared up to make sacrifices, to invest in the future.

Business Writing: 10 Great Authors

Great commerce writers association narrative skills with sound belief to build classics that help both the beginner and the mid-career professional.Writing's absolutely subjective.

Taking the Free Out of Ad hoc Writing

When you run an online bureau for ad hoc writers, editors and proofreaders you'd think the leading badly behaved would be attracting employers who are disposed to pay a ample hourly rate for irregular writing. You'd be wrong.

Writing With Power: 5 Snappy Rules For Success

Almost all and sundry could profit from enhancing their characters skills. From characters more crisp meta-tags - which exploration engine bots find quite sexy - to turbo-charging your blog readership by copy with punch, a skilled pen can drive any online crack in the right direction.

Top Ten Great Headline Ideas

What Makes a Great Headline?Headlines are far more chief than the copy beneath them. If you don't use headlines contained by your episode or in your Web site sales lettering and critique titles, you will lose your audience's concentration in a few seconds.

How to Appearance Your Self-Published Book Fast

Started a book and then got bogged down? Like many of my bookcoaching clients do you say, "I have so many other demands, I just can't get to the book."This isn't procrastination or fear.

Whats Gone astray in your Near Complete Book?

Bookcoaching clients come to me at another stages of characters their books. The ones who start from bring down zero with a coach and learn what goes into each episode to make it more comprehensible and sell better.

What you Dont Know About Book Publishing Can Cost You

Dream that your book can be a come to one best seller? Read books or visit Web sites that say they have your answers? -- All you need to do is get their program, abide by their advice, and the world is yours. Or, you think I'll write it, but a big cheese else can bazaar and promote it.

Top Seven Ways to Write your Print or eBook Fast

Want to write your book? But, need a draft on why it will help your profits and brand your business? Need to know each step so you can allot it to an aide or do it by hand in just an hour a day for less than a month?Each episode contained by my eBook "Write Your Print or Other Short Book-Fast!" can help fiction and non-fiction authors.Ch.

Keep your Book Dream Alive

Is your book near finished, finished, published, or even in its early stages? Do you want to know how to promote it with ease and low cost?Maybe you have before now tried other methods to sell you book and felt tired of?- Submitting unseen or to no avail media releases- Chasing book reviews that yielded small negligible results- Advertising only a few books at your book signings- Exerting a lot of attempt to travel, to speak, only to reap average book sales- Experiencing radio and TV talk show low book sales results- Wondering why your bookstore or dispenser has bunged promotion your books- Distressing about who will promote your book now that your publisher has stopped- Atmosphere distraught your book isn't bountiful you the ongoing, passive earnings you hoped for- Atmosphere depressed about all the atrophied time and money you have spentKeep Your Book Dream AliveJust like you, I wrote Ten Non-Techie Ways to Promote your Book Online as as an author, just like you, I was tired of the old ways to get my books sold. Boring sales and chasing a low-results pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I bowed to the Internet four years ago.

Best Copy Guidance I Ever Got

I've been in the connections affair a long time?over 25 years. At some point in that episode I've gathered characters suggestions from all over, and put much of it in my new book "Words That Stick.

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